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Managing or developing a country house, farm or estate can be time consuming and complex, especially if you are off site or busy with other business or personal interests. The BH Estates team offers you invaluable, trusted support in covering every detail of rural estate property ownership and management.

If you have property on your rural estate or farmland that you wish to use or develop for other purposes, or buy or dispose of by sale, BH Estates can act efficiently on your behalf and ensure that you get best value for your assets.

We recognise that every property is different, especially in terms of ownership details and structure of private estates or historical farms. Property assets are often complex to manage in terms of legal ownership, land tenure legislation, inheritance tax and changing regulation. You can rely on our practical knowledge and expertise as experienced landowners, as well as our experience of working with tax and legal experts in this field.

Achieving best value in your rural estate property management.

Property management

We can take care of all your rural property management needs, from arranging maintenance schedules and staffing through to organising repairs.

We provide peace of mind that your property is being looked after, especially important in cases where you are a non-resident owner, or where the property is particularly complex.

Sales & letting

If you are looking to sell, rent or purchase rural residential, commercial or agricultural property, our team can manage the entire process for you with no hassle or stress.

Our experience as RICS regulated surveyors puts us at a distinct advantage as land agents in terms of valuation knowledge and expertise and rental property management.

Planning & development

Rural estates, country houses and farms now typically incorporate wide ranging business portfolios, trade and property incomes and outgoings, as well as development potential.

We can help you exploit new development opportunities and address planning challenges, bringing your assets to market at the highest possible value.

Business & Financial Management

Our team can give you book-keeping and financial management services designed around your own specific needs.

We can set up and manage day to day financial management and give you better financial control and information. We are highly experienced at working with accountants and tax advisors on asset management.