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Farm Services

A farming client wished to avail of a complicated farm based grant to help their nutrient management techniques, but did not have the time for the paperwork and form filling that was required. We worked with the client through and prepared the application, including budgets and helped them submit the grant application which was successful for a £50,000 capital grant.

Land Management

We developed a better solution to filtering dirty yard water and so worked with the right contractors to design and develop a large constructed farm wetland to provide a natural filtration system for dirty rain water coming from the yard. The solution has now been in place for a number of years and it has been monitored throughout. The farm spends much less on dealing with dirty water due to the natural solution.

Renewable Energy and Natural Capital

We project managed the installation of a farm based Anaerobic Digester and have negotiated Power Purchase Agreements for our client. We have supported them for many years to achieve premium prices for electricity, and to realise high levels of efficiency in running their plant. Following our support the client is now able to operate the plant almost entirely without support, but we are still on hand to provide support and advice when the time arises, and we continue to act for them in the negotiation to sell their electricity.

Property Management

We supported a client with a historic estate to arrange the management of a large portfolio of rental properties in order that the estate office could handle this themselves. We advised them on a rent levels and worked to put these in place, and ensure the staff were skilled enough to deal with day to day operation.

Rural Enterprise Development

Our dairy farm has 300 milking cows, which are at grass in summer months, and housed in winter. We have been practicing good nutrient management by using the manure the cow produce in the house to produce renewable energy. We have subsequently helped clients undertake a cost based analysis to develop their own renewable energy system using cow slurry as a feedstock.