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Farm administration can be very time consuming. If farming is your business or you are an owner of agricultural land which is your main income source, it can be a challenge to develop the business or make it more efficient when you are concentrating on the day to day tasks of running it.

We know all the ins and outs of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS entitlements), single application forms, grants and farming and forestry environmental schemes. We are also highly experienced in the field of agriculture, in terms of both land and project management, farm business investment schemes, compliance and the administration of rural grants and subsidies. We manage our own farming enterprise and have been through the administrative processes many times.

The BH Estates team can support you by completing the administrative tasks and applications you don’t have time for.

BH Estates also has a proven track record for improving economic and environmental efficiency in farming and agri-management practices.  When it comes to food processing and supply chain, we can analyse your land use in great detail to maximise food production efficiency and quality for public consumption, whilst ensuring agricultural and environmental standards are met or exceeded.

We also work on rural estate and farming projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon emissions, increasing biodiversity, improving grazing regimes and land management practices, and meeting climate change targets in the agri-food chain system.

Farm administration

Farm administration services including business and financial management, grant and funding applications, forestry licences and environmental programme applications.


Conacre negotiations, entitlement transfers and lease agreements to let agricultural land for grazing or crop production.

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

Experts in the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), rural grants and other government funded schemes in the farming and forestry industry.

Farm & Agri management

Farm and Agri management including dairy, beef, sheep, timber, bloodstock, biomass, arable, renewable energy and Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) supply chain projects.

Consent Process

Management of administration of designated land including the consent process.

Agri-management enterprises

Development of agri-management enterprises and opening up opportunities in specialist food chains from farm to fork.