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Rural estates, stately homes and farmland are often rich in natural capital and energy resources which can be utilised for the benefit of the estate.

BH Estates specialises in bringing land based renewable energy projects to fruition with end-to-end project management provision and delivery, and can manage day to day operations. Our team works as the catalyst to transform your land use and develop these prime locations with energy production projects.

Our experience in renewable energy project management is wide ranging. It includes advising clients on renewable energy opportunities, project managing infrastructure and the negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements. We have extensive experience in managing projects focusing on biogas anaerobic digestion, biomass, wind, solar and hydro power. We also manage a consortium of energy producers in the ROC renewables market, managing regulatory compliance, tendering and contracting.

In natural capital, from shoreline and lowlands through to upland country, the land and farms we manage ourselves and on behalf of clients is diverse in terms of landscape and terrain. We can support you where there are opportunities to sustainably develop natural capital projects, including carbon capture, wetland management and regenerative farming techniques.

Maximising your natural capital and developing energy projects.

Project management

Our project management capabilities range from helping you develop and manage your natural resources and renewable energy assets, through to improving agricultural practices, carbon related projects and financial scenario planning. With our project management expertise we can improve your land’s contribution to your business and to the environment.

Natural capital

Generating income sustainably from natural resources on your land is a nascent area for all landowners.

We have the expertise to support you and help you to work out what opportunities are worth pursuing in terms of both viability and profitability, and which are not.

Renewable energy

The development of renewable energy projects can help cover your ongoing costs and generate income.

We can support you to reach this growing market. You can tap into our experience, our contacts and our energy networks to take your renewable energy project forward.

Business & financial management

BH Estates has a strong track record for improving land economy and trading systems operating in the rural sector.

With our expertise in renewable energy, your economic, environmental and land management objectives can be achieved.